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  1. agent-Achika 1wk 0d ago

    Gd Evening Shirayuki!
    Your very welcome.
    -So do you celebrate New Years
    the whole month with Xmas?
    -Which Costa Rican dishes
    do you cook for the holidays?

  2. agent-Achika 3wk 3d ago

    Shirayuki -San!
    Enjoy the holiday?

  3. Steffi1690 Moderator 4wk 0d ago


  4. Korra Nov 28, 2017

    Quote by shirayuki-san http://s24.postimg.org/z5pv5hdo5/thx_fav_v1.png

    You're welcome, Shi ❕

  5. MisaSasekage Moderator Nov 19, 2017

    Quote by shirayuki-san http://s17.postimg.org/ly7flsskv/thx_fav_v2.png

    You're welcome ^^

  6. agent-Achika Dec 25, 2016

    How are you?
    Ready for Xmas today?
    Buy anyone gifts?

  7. MisaSasekage Moderator Aug 20, 2016

    Quote by shirayuki-san I only say: WHY KUBO? WHYYYYYYYY? What a Fuc********ng sh***tt*** ending is this?!

    (Thanks for sharing)

    You're welcome ^^
    You can also discuss it here: http://forum.minitokyo.net/t74454

  8. agent-Achika Jan 06, 2016

    Gd afternoon Shirayuki!
    -How did the tamales
    come out?
    -Did your sister
    like her soccer team
    shirt tht her siblings
    gave her as a gift?
    -Big plans for 2016?

  9. agent-Achika Dec 25, 2015

    Merry Christmas Shirayuki!
    -Get a ton of gifts?
    -Buy any gifts for anyone?
    -Cook for the holidays?

  10. agent-Achika Nov 29, 2015

    Sweet Dreams Shirayuki!
    -Hmmmm I've NEVER heard of
    a (Kamen or Matsuri) convention
    before. I know there are other
    anime conventions internationally
    around the world. Hopefully
    some day I'll visit Japan &
    Latin America & visit their expos.
    Is Miss Ángela Bermudez famous
    outside of Coasta Rica?
    -Yes merchandise is way more
    expensive compared to online
    purchases esp when it
    comes to buying in bulk.
    {buying in bulk means
    to buy more than one copy.
    Its really buying multiples
    of the same thing or purchasing
    different variants of the same thing.}
    However there are certain items
    tht are only sold at the expo &
    are NOT available in stores nor
    online retail stores such as:
    Amazon or Overstock.
    Sadly many artbooks are
    either out of print meaning
    {not sold in stores anymore}
    or they're strictly sold in
    Japan & can't be imported
    to the USA market ugh.
    So certain things I'm willing
    to buy at the annual AX
    for those reasons alone.
    I like collecting artbks on various
    anime series that I've either already
    viewed or am currently viewing.
    I rather buy my OVA series & anime
    films at the expo itself unless they
    are sold out of course *frowns*.
    Then I will go directly online, &
    buy from specific stores that sell
    a ton of Japanese merchandise.
    I'm talking fm: anime series dvds,
    mangas, plushies, OST albums,
    posters, concert dvd specials,
    costumes, jewelry, shoes, mugs,
    alcohol flasks, coffee cups; along
    with Japanese snacks & drinks.
    Usually I can order it & they'll ship it
    to my P.O Box & I'll pick it up once
    it arrives in its package;
    which I've done ever so often.
    If the online Japanese stores don't
    have my items, then I'll visit an
    in-person store located in DownTown
    in a sector called: (Little Tokyo).
    There I can find several Japanese
    cultural stores that sell everthing
    online stores have which is great.
    Of course its spread out so I have
    to visit several different stores in
    1 day which can be time consuming.
    But well worth the pursuit hehehehe.
    Do you have any specific online stores
    that you like buying merchandise from?
    Whats your favorite thing to buy?
    -I consider myself a feminine person.
    I like to keep it cute & casual.
    Nothing dressy & over the top.
    I had no idea college's required for
    its students to follow a dress code.
    Is your campus a private college?
    -Do you have any favorite Japanese
    music artist that you listen to?
    -Do you know how to cook at all?
    -No worries I won't give
    up on cos-playing for
    the future AX next Summer.
    -Yes Christmas is celebrated
    where I currently live.
    My favorite part is buying
    gifts for friends & family members;
    its the best feeling ever.
    -How long have you been
    going to college now?
    -What is the actual
    name/title of ur
    Android phone called?
    -Did you watch those 2 video
    links I posted on your UP?
    -Do you like camping?
    -What type of videogames
    do U like playing the
    most & why?
    -What are Seiyuus?
    -Is the series: {Gintama}
    any good? Recommend it?
    -Great I look forward to
    chatting w/U again asap!

  11. agent-Achika Nov 28, 2015

    Gd afternoon Shirayuki!
    -How has your week
    been so far?
    -I accept your apology.
    I fully understand how
    being a college student
    can take up all of ya time.
    Afterall I am one myself.
    So its no big deal.
    I must admit I did think
    U were ignoring me for
    a good while there lol.
    Whats your major?
    -I sadly have NEVER
    attended a videogame
    convention where I live.
    I want to very badly.
    Here we have a huge
    Gamers convention
    called an: (E3)
    conference yearly.
    Its very popular w/a ton
    of celebrities attending
    that work in Hollywood.
    The only way we normal
    ppl can attend is if U have
    a lot of money or if you
    work inside a videogame shop;
    or if you have connections w/
    ppl who have passes for
    the convention itself.
    I have none, so I can't go.
    I have however been to
    2 anime conventions in
    my lifetime at least.
    I missed this years AX
    but I def plan on going
    to next summers expo.
    Each year the theme
    changes & there is always
    something for everyone
    to partake in from:
    singing contest,
    voice acting contest,
    gamers challenges,
    live concerts, meet
    & greets w/Japanese
    & American voice acting
    celebrities in the anime world.
    The music concerts are w/
    popular Japanese music artist.
    There are even raves, bars,
    cafe' shops, lounges etc.
    The merchandise is awesome.
    There are over 1000 items
    to choose from too.
    If possible I would like to
    save up close to $900
    way ahead of time before
    2016 AX next Summer.
    Plus I wanna cos-play
    as a cute schoolgirl
    anime character lol.
    However I plan on just
    buying the entire costume.
    I am NOT sewing any fabric.
    Its too time consuming & way
    more expensive to make imo.
    Plus I wanna have more money
    to actually buy tons of merchandise.
    It will be my FIRST TIME EVER
    cos-playing at the anime convention.
    Have you ever cos-played before?
    Buy tons of merchandise
    whenever you go?
    Go alone or with friends?
    -I enjoy a multitude of genres
    as well when it comes to
    manga & anime series.
    Mostly: drama, mystery,
    action, romance, seinen.
    It can even be a combo
    of all those genres in
    any one series that I'm
    However I tend to enjoy
    OVA series aimed at adults.
    They are more of my taste.
    kiddy & tween series get
    annoying real fast ugh.
    Which series are you currently
    watching? If you don't mind me asking.
    -Do you listen to music at all?
    -Do you celebrate Christmas
    where you live at all?
    -Are U into fashion or
    makeup/hair at all?
    -Seen any new live-action
    films that came out this year?
    -Do you have an Iphone 6 or
    are you waiting for the new
    Iphone 7 which comes out
    early next 2016? Or do you
    prefer android phones?
    Sorry for typing this much.
    My intention is not to annoy
    You w/my GB post, I just have
    a lot to say. I'll post some
    links to 2 expos that happened
    this year in the USA down ↓:
    1. Anime Expo 2015:
    ( http://youtu.be/_vAGvtqRSdk )
    2. E3 Conference 2015:
    ( http://youtu.be/y8yY7L74TSU )

  12. agent-Achika Nov 01, 2015

    Happy Halloween Shirayuki-San!
    -Go to any parties
    or buy loads of candy?
    -Thanx for putting me
    on your watch list.

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